Are you a skilled non-EU worker interested in coming to live and work in the UK but unfamiliar with the UK’s ever-changing immigration rules? At Ash Norton, our specialised UK immigration law practice is designed to help you choose the correct visa and meet the UK’s visa requirements.

UK Visa for Skilled Workers

Tier 2 visas are specifically designed for skilled non-EU workers immigrating to the UK in order to take up employment. Importantly, Tier 2 visas are meant for those who already have an offer of employment confirmed with a British company that will be acting as their sponsor.

Tier 2 visas are geared to apply to those who have secured work in certain areas of work, e.g. manufacturing, healthcare or education. The jobs in these sectors tend to be carried out by highly skilled individuals, and any applicant for a visa in these fields will enjoy an accelerated application process. Jobs that are covered by Tier 2 visas are controlled, so you should make sure that your job is covered before attempting to make the application.

It’s important to be aware that the UK Government is currently reviewing the Tier 2 route in order to restrict Tier 2 migration. Per the Migration Advisory Committee’s Report on Tier 2 Migration (published 19th January 2016), it is highly likely that the cost of Tier 2 recruitment will be raised via the introduction of an Immigration Skills Charge and higher overall minimum salary thresholds.

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At Ash Norton, we stay up-to-date with developments in the UK’s immigration law, ensuring our clients receive the best possible advice. For detailed guidance on the most appropriate visa for skilled workers and assistance making a comprehensive application to the immigration authority, please contact us. Our entire practice is designed to provide client-focused services, working with leading practitioners in the field to achieve the best result. To learn more about the Tier 2 Skilled Worker visas, please contact our team.

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