Employers seek out the best people to join their organisation and make a positive contribution to their business. This can sometimes lead to situations where, in seeking the best candidate, employers search beyond the borders of the UK and wider European Economic Area (EEA). In cases where an employer finds a desirable candidate who lives outside the EEA, they will need to grapple with the UK’s complex immigration rules.

Visa Options for Employing A Foreign National

As an employer, you will only be interested in finding the best candidate for the job, regardless as to their home country. It is possible to offer employment to someone who lives outside the EEA. However, in order to bring them to the UK, you will need to apply for a sponsor licence from the Home Office.

Sponsor licenses are governed by strict eligibility criteria. If you, as an employer, are interested in securing a sponsor licence, you must not have any criminal conviction for immigration related offences. Further, if you have previously been granted a sponsor licence that has lapsed, there must be no evidence that you failed to carry out your duties under your previous sponsor licence. You will also need processes and procedures in place in order to monitor the activities of your sponsored employees, such as confirming their qualifications and regularly reporting to UK immigration authorities on employee compliance with visa conditions. It is also important to keep in mind that immigration officials may visit your premises, in order to review your ability to comply with your responsibilities if you are granted the licence.

How To Apply for a Sponsor Licence

Depending on the nature of your organisation and the kind of job you are offering, you will be required to provide different kinds of documentation as part of your application for the licence. It is therefore advisable to get the assistance of a specialist immigration solicitor, who will be able to ensure that your application is fully comprehensive and you provide the correct supporting documentation.

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