There are various different visa arrangements that allow for family members to join loved ones living and working in the UK. The solicitors at Ash Norton are highly experienced immigration law specialists, who regularly help clients identify which visa is appropriate for their particular circumstances and assist with making strong family based visas application.

Which Family Based Visa Should I Apply For?

Visas are designed to reflect a particular purpose behind a visit to the UK. In the context of visiting family members who are based here, there is one particular kind of visa. If you are from outside of the European Economic Area (EEA) and intend to join a family member who is based in the UK – a spouse, brother, sister etc. – for six months or more, you will need to apply for a ‘family of a settled person’ visa.

In order to apply for this visa, you will need to be able to satisfy the UK’s immigration authorities that you meet certain criteria. Chief among these is that the person you are intending to visit is based in the UK, i.e. is a British citizen or settled here. The requirements will then differ according to the nature of your intended visit:

  • If you are joining your spouse, you will need to be able to demonstrate that your relationship is genuine and recognised as being legally valid; or,
  • If you are coming to the UK to join your parents, you’ll need to demonstrate that you will be living with them and able to support yourself without the need for government aid.

Furthermore, as is increasingly common with many different kinds of visa, you may need to demonstrate your command of the English language. This can be demonstrated by passing an approved English test or providing an academic qualification that is shown as being taught in English and recognised as being equivalent to the UK’s bachelor degree.

You may also decide that you wish to remain with family living in the UK. UK immigration law does allow for this, however the requirements that will need to be met are specifically linked to your situation, e.g. familial relationships in the UK, children, financial dependence etc. It is important to discuss this, and all aspects of visa applications, with an immigration solicitor who is an expert in the field and able to guide you through the complexities of completing your application.

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