At Ash Norton, we understand the impact the rejection of a visa application from the UK’s immigration authorities can have. There is, however, some scope to review unfavourable decisions of the Home Office in certain circumstances. If you were looking to come to the UK, either for work purposes or to join a loved one already based here, and had your application denied, the team at Ash Norton are well placed to provide comprehensive and sympathetic assistance in appealing the decision.

How Can I Appeal a Home Office Visa Decision?

When you receive notification from the Home Office that your visa application has been refused, it will normally indicate whether you can apply for a review of this decision. This is sometimes described as ‘Administrative Review’. Alternatively, if you are unable to pursue an Administrative Review of the Home Offices decision, you could pursue an appeal before the Immigration and Asylum Chamber of the First-tier Tribunal. It should be borne in mind, however, that rights of appeal are limited to instances where, in refusing your application, the Home Office:

  • Refuses a human rights claim;
  • Refuses a protection claim; or
  • Revokes protection status.

What Option is There if There is No Right of Appeal?

There is still scope to challenge a Home Office decision through judicial review. This involves approaching the courts to ask a judge to review the way that the Home Office arrived at its decision. This will involve the court looking into how the Home Office made its decision, and determining whether it did so based on lawful criteria. If there is any evidence that this was not the case, the Home Office’s decision may be deemed illegal and invalid, requiring for your application to be reviewed.

Contact our Judicial Review Lawyers Mayfair, London

Regardless as to whether you are attempting to have a decision of the Home Office reviewed, appealed or the subject of a judicial review, you will need the assistance of an immigration solicitor who understands the law and procedures involved. At Ash Norton, we are experienced immigration law specialists, affording us a unique insight into both the procedures and issues faced by our clients. We are committed to providing a valued service, working with leading practitioners in the field to achieve the best results for our clients. If your application has been refused, contact our team today and speak to one of our solicitors on what options are available to you.

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