Ash Norton Solicitors (ANS) is a dynamic, leading UK Immigration Nationality and Citizenship law firm in London. ANS was recently awarded UK Immigration Law firm of the year by ACQ in 2016. We offer high quality, sophisticated and client focused representation in all areas of business immigration and personal immigration matters. Unlike many other firms that tend to specialize in one aspect of immigration law, ANS is unique insofar that it has developed equal expertise in representing the needs of both large business organisations, to start –ups, Charities  and addressing the needs of individual clients from all over the world.

At ANS we are committed to providing exceptional services to all our clients, often under complex and novel circumstances, whether our client is a business organisation, charity, pro bono or an individual. At ANS we will make every effort to provide the most optimum client focused, ethical and creative solutions to meet each clients objective.

The firm is deeply committed to representing clients on cutting edge immigration issues.We offer free legal clinics from time to time and also offer support to a number of community based Charity centres throughout the UK.

Solicitors Transparency Rules – Costs

Typically, in  the majority of applications for various visa routes to the United Kingdom, outlined below, once we have reviewed your circumstances and are satisfied that you are eligible to apply, we charge for our service on an agreed fee arrangement. This means that even if the work on your application takes longer than initially anticipated there will be no additional charges unless there is a significant change to your circumstances or instructions.

If the circumstances of your application are more complex – and/or there are unforeseen complications – then the cost may well exceed the fees specified in the table below. Any such additional costs will depend on the time spent at the applicable hourly rates outlined below.

Our fee is based on what we consider reasonable taking into account the time that will likely be required to complete the matter based on our hourly rates, level of expertise involved, the urgency of the matter and the circumstances of your case. This depends on a number of factors, where you currently live, your previous immigration history, whether you have access to the correct documentation in a timely manner, as it will affect the work schedule, the amount of supporting evidence we have to review and the time required to prepare the application. The overall complexity of the case (e.g. whether you qualify under the Immigration Rules or we need to make a discretionary application, previous immigration history, any criminal convictions etc.) The immigration rules in the UK are complex and subject to frequent changes.

When you instruct ANS in connection with any of the visa routes listed below, we will work with you to discuss in detail and review your circumstances. We will consider all the visa options available and determine which application is the most appropriate for you. We will advise on whether you meet the criteria required for the purposes of the application. If you do not we will advise you if this can be overcome and how. We will assist you to prepare the application for your approval before it is submitted to UKVI. We will liase   UKVI until a decision is reached. We will provide advice about the outcome of the application and if there are any further steps you need to take.

We will ensure that you fully understand the pros and cons of each visa option and whether there are any reasons why the application you intend to make could be refused by the Home Office.

The various visa routes require you to provide relevant supporting documentation which is then presented to the Home Office in accordance with their guidelines. We will ensure that you receive clear instructions on the type and format of the documentation and whether any of the documents need to be, certified and, translated. You will be provided with a document checklist to guide you when we have assessed your case after you formally instruct us to act on your behalf.

If you are able to provide sufficient evidence at our first meeting, clearly meet the applicable Immigration Rules and the application proceeds without any unforeseen complications, then the cost for a single application is likely to be in the region of the fees specified in the table below.

Additional factors you need to consider are the Home Office processing times, whether you will be interviewed and in the event of your application being deferred for consideration by a more senior Caseworker at the Home Office.

Once your application has been submitted to UKVI, we will liase  with UKVI on your behalf until a decision has been made and your documents returned. Unfortunately for certain types of applications, the processing times can take longer than the timeframes provided. Processing times for various applications can be found at the following link;

What our legal fees do not include


In the event that you will need the services of an interpreter or your documents need to be translated, we will confirm the costs of the service. If you have a friend or relative who can interpret for you, please feel free to bring them along to our meetings. Please note – the Home Office will only accept documents that have been translated by a specialist company, which means you will incur costs for translating documents.


Disbursements are costs spent or to be spent by ANS related to your matter which are payable to third parties. We handle the payment of disbursements on your behalf and invoice you for the costs. Our fees do not include any costs you will incur such as the Home Office application fees, National Health Surcharge if applicable, special delivery postage costs, courier etc. Fees for biometric appointments and UKVI Commercial Partner services fees. Apart from Home Office Fees, disbursements vary from case to case. We will advise you of the costs and when they must be paid.


Matter type Fees (Excluding VAT and Disbursements
Tier 1 (Investor) Applications £18K – £25K
Innovator application £15K – £20K
Innovator startup £3500 – £5000
Entrepreneur extensions £12K – £18K
Tier 2 (General) visa – Entry Clearance £3500 – £5000
Tier 2 (ICT)  £3000 – £3800
Tier 2 (Minister of Religion) £3500 – £5000
Tier 2 ILR only available to Tier 2 general MOR who has spent 5 years continuous stay in the UK £2500 – £4000
Tier 5 temporary workers £2000 – £5000
Family Members of applicants under the points-based system:   
At the same time as the applicant £500 – £5000 
 Apply Separately from £3000
PBS Dependant ILR £2000 apply at the same time                              

£3000 apply separately

Visit visas £3000 – £6000
EU pre-settled status £1000 – £1500
EU settled status £1000 – £2000
EEA Family Permit  £4000 – £6000
Entry clearance as a spouse/partner (Depending on circumstance) £3000 – £5500
Settlement 10-year lawful residence £3000 – £5000
Sole representative £7000 – £10000
Domestic worker £1000 – £1500
British Citizenship £2500 – £5000
Register a child as a British Citizen £2000
Tier 4 (General)  £1500
Tier 1 (Exceptional Talent) £5000
Sole representative £7000 – £10,000
Turkish businessperson £8000 – £12,000
Average Fixed fees (Tribunal appeals against Home Office Visa  Immigration Decision £2500 – £3000
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