Many people come to the UK to develop a commercial enterprise, but are likely to find themselves subject to stringent requirements in terms of visa or residency conditions. The specialist immigration and Citizenship lawyers at Ash Norton can help remove these burdens by assisting with an application for British Citizenship.

Why Apply for British Citizenship?

From a commercial angle, British Citizenship has a number of benefits:

  • British citizens do not have to apply for work permits in the UK, removing the significant financial barriers that this often presents; and
  • The UK economy is one of the most stable and resilient in the western world, providing fertile ground for business ventures to flourish.

The Process for Becoming a British Citizen

Becoming a citizen can be a lengthy process, but specialist legal advisers can help make the application process run as smoothly as possible. The most common route to British Citizenship is through applying for naturalisation. In order to do so, you will need to meet certain key criteria, including that:

  • You are of good character, e.g. you do not have any substantive criminal record;
  • You intend to live in the UK post-naturalisation;
  • You meet the language requirements and have passed the ‘Life in the UK’ Assessment; and,
  • You meet the residency requirements.

Typically, your application will be submitted to the Home Office for consideration, whose decision is not capable of an appeal. You should therefore work with expert immigration lawyers to increase the likelihood of your application being accepted.

Contact our British Citizenship & Naturalisation Lawyers Mayfair, London

Ash Norton is a leading provider of immigration law advice. Our team work with some of the leading barristers and chambers in the City, affording you access to some of the leading practitioners in the field. We combine our knowledge of the law, relationships with other professionals, and familiarity with immigration rules to provide the Home Office with a convincing application for naturalisation. If you would like to know more about becoming a British citizen, please contact us.

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