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Client Success Story
Mother and Son Reunited

[Please note that the Client’s name and case key details have been altered to preserve the identity of our client.]


Our Nigerian client Lizzy (a British citizen) made an application to sponsor her disabled son, who was a minor at the time, to join her in the UK. The Home Office refused her son’s visa application, stating that his mother failed to show she had the sole parental responsibility of her son. The decision stated there was insufficient contact and our client did not visit her son in Nigeria regularly. The decision stated due to lack of DNA evidence they were not satisfied that Lizzy was the biological mother.

Lizzy initially came to study in the UK and is now a qualified engineer, living and working in the UK. She later specialised as a rehabilitation engineer helping people with mobility. She gained knowledge and experience in services for children with disabilities.

How Ash Norton helped our client

Ash Norton Solicitors prepared an appeal against the refusal which was heard before an Immigration Tribunal Judge. We helped our client to prepare evidence to prove that she was the biological mother. Extensive evidence to prove Lizzy had sole parental responsibility of her son, including witness statements doctors reports, Head teacher statement, reports proof of regular contact which showed Lizzy’s role in her son’s life as the person with “sole parental responsibility”, her   exceptional circumstances, reasons why she could not visit her son, a DNA certificate, and other relevant facts were presented to the Court.

We were able to compile witness statements and expert evidence that Lizzy supported her son and her relatives in Nigeria financially and emotionally, although she was not physically present in Nigeria. In addition to that, we demonstrated the significance of the specialist care Lizzy would provide as a qualified rehabilitation engineer.

The immigration Judge was satisfied with substantial evidence submitted and Lizzy’s oral evidence. The Judge made a decision in favour of our client, and Lizzy’s appeal was allowed.

Today we are happy to learn that Lizzy’s son is doing well, and we have successfully reunited mother and son in the United Kingdom. Thanks to our detailed representations and inclusion of all the relevant evidence including medical evidence, we were able to obtain Lizzy’s Dependent Son’s Visa to come to the UK and be cared for by Lizzy.

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