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Client Success Story
Student visa Refusal

Ash Norton Solicitors are proud to share with you a success story regarding a student’s immigration journey following a refusal of her Tier 4 Extension application.

[Please note that the Client’s name and case key details have been altered to preserve the identity of our client.]


Our client Nina dreamed of expanding her bakery business in Thailand and decided that she needed to improve her English language skills first. She applied for a student visa (Tier 4 at the time) to study English language at a college in the UK. To meet the English Language requirements for the student visa application, she submitted her TOEIC certificate at the time of her first visa application which was accepted. Nina entered the UK with a valid visa, and she started her course. However, when she applied to extend her Tier 4 visa in the UK, her application was refused.

Immigration Decision

The Home Office rejected her English Language TOEIC certificate which was previously approved and claimed it was fraudulently obtained. Nina’s legal representative at that time, appealed the decision but she was unable to continue her studies due to the refusal. Nina changed her representatives and instructed Ash Norton Solicitors to help with her appeal.

How Ash Norton helped with a TOIEC Tier 4 refusal appeal

Ash Norton Solicitors helped Nina to prepare for the court hearing, preparing detailed witness statements, relevant documentary evidence including academic qualifications and extensive evidence including requesting for full transcripts of interviews from the Home Office. Ash Norton Solicitors prepared a detailed brief for the barrister to represent Nina before the Immigration First Tier Tribunal. The Immigration Judge was satisfied with the evidence presented to the Court and he allowed the appeal in favour of our client Nina.

Home Office Appeal

Unfortunately for Nina the Home Office appealed the Judge’s decision before the Upper Tribunal. Again, Ash Norton Solicitors assisted Nina and prepared a detailed brief. A Barrister represented Nina before the Upper Tribunal. The tribunal held that the Judge’s decision was correct, and this decision was also in favour of our client and not the Home Office.

The Upper Tribunal allowed our client’s appeal, but the Home Office took time to issue Nina leave to remain in the UK.

By the time the Home Office issued Nina her Biometric card, she was in a relationship with Alex, a British citizen. The couple were married and instructed Ash Norton Solicitors to help with a Spouse Visa application. This application was successful.

Today we are happy to learn that our client Nina now has a baby daughter and she has also started a food business with Alex, her husband in the UK.

How can Ash Norton Solicitors help you?

It is important that you seek the right advice from the right person when you appeal your decisions in court. Ash Norton Solicitors have a vast amount of experience with immigration appeals and can represent you to ensure that you get a successful result on your case.

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